About our services

Our service is a mix of traditional and modern worship. Hymns are sung as well as modern songs and choruses. In this we are aided by our musicians and singers who together form our Worship group. A further aid to worship is a modern Audio Visual system. Prayer, laying on of hands, intercessions may also form part of any of our services. Bible teaching is always central to our time together.
Refreshments are served after each service at our ‘bistro’ area in the church.

                                            Image of Sonia serving coffee


The Lord’s Supper is observed on the 3rd Sunday of each month and all Christian people are invited. The table is an ‘open table’, i.e. all those who love the Lord and wish to love Him more are free to take part. A time of healing and prayer is always offered at this service.


We believe that children in church are important. We want to provide the best we can for them so that they and their parents can feel relaxed and confident while at church. As such we have :-

  •  Creche – A soft play area for very young children furnished with toys, books etc
  •  Kids Praise 

In all of this we hope to  provide a warm and friendly environment for children during their time at church.
Children are introduced to stories from the Old and New Testament so that they can begin to learn something about God and Jesus  and to share with them a little of what it means to be part of the Church family.
Children are introduced to the idea that we can talk to God and Jesus by sharing in simple prayers and encouraged to organise activities such as drama, drawing, collage, etc. to reinforce the topic for the day. Simple songs and the use of musical instruments are used when appropriate.


Prayer is an important part of everything we do. Individuals, prayer partners and corporate prayer times are all part of the church’s prayer life..
The first Sunday of each month at 6.00pm is a corporate prayer time. A different church member leads this each month and as such its style and structure is a reflection of the leader. This makes this time both exciting and encouraging for all who attend as there can be something for everyone whatever their individual tradition maybe.

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